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Who We Can Help

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Babies can benefit from Chiropractic Care following birth, especially where the delivery was difficult or unusual or where there was an assisted delivery and vacuum or forceps were used. During the birthing process the delicate structures in the neck and skull can be affected causing stress on the nervous system and tension on the spinal cord. Tension in a babies nervous system can contribute to; distress, an unsettled baby, troubles latching/feeding, feeding preference side etc


Our chiropractor will assess the spine and skull to reduce any irritation to the nervous system. To do this, we use the pressure you would use to test an avocado. Adjustments are gentle, specific and subtle but can make a big impact on a babies nervous system. Our chiropractors will also check your baby has the correct reflexes depending on the stage of development they should be at.


Here at West Coast Family Chiropractic, we have a special interest in Chiropractic for school-aged children. The many daily stresses imposed on a child’s spine and posture from school bags, general play, sitting in the classroom and sporting activities can lead to stress on their nervous system. We know when there is stress on the nervous system, our body cannot function optimally. For children, this may look like; decreased resilience/feeling overwhelmed, decreased academic performance or aches and pains.  We now live in a world where the daily use of smart phones and tablets by children is quite common, the added stress placed on their developing spines may lead to ongoing aches and pains as they grow and can affect their development. We want all kids to thrive as they grow and lean. 

An adjustment for a child looks different to that of an adult. As they are smaller frame and generally more mobile with developing spines, less force is required to provide an effective adjustment. We utilise safe, effective, low force techniques on children and pride ourselves on making getting adjusted a a fun, comfortable process. 

Pre & Post Natal Women

Chiropractic is not only safe but is extremely beneficial during pregnancy.

During pregnancy there are many changes occuring in your body, preparing your pelvis for labour and allowing space for your baby to grow. Your body produces hormones which relax the ligaments in your pelvis and while your belly grows, your center of gravity is altered. The changes in pregnancy can put extra stress on your body and spine. Our chiropractors can help maintain your spinal alignment and nervous system function, which will reduce discomfort and prepare your body for labour. Some common complaints we can help with include; sciatica, pelvic pain, neck and back discomfort. 

Our practitioners utilise lower force techniques to adjust you comfortably, They have specific training in the Webster technique and SOT. Webster is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and gentle adjustment often used in pregnancy. It involves soft tissue releases of associated muscle groups, light mobilisation and adjusting of the pelvis whilst also addressing the whole spine. Chiropractic care reduces the stress in a pregnant woman’s pelvis and soft tissues which also relaxes and balances the uterus and surrounding ligaments. This facilitates improved mobility and relaxes any restrictions that may be limiting the mobility of the child in utero. Discomfort in pregnancy can be reduced! 

Health Conscious Adults

You don't need to have aches and pains to benefit from Chiropractic. 

Pain is your bodies warning signal that everything is not functioning as it should be.

There are many stressors in our lives that put strain on our body and nervous system. This might look like, sitting at a desk all day, lifting heavy equipment at work or chronic stress and having no time for yourself. 

We often notice people have recurrent niggles that are just "normal" and part of their life. These are actually not normal. they're a warning sign from your body that its not functioning optimally. We love to look after people who proritise their health and wellbeing, but are also here to care for you and get you out of pain.

Through adjustments, rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle modifications we can work with you to identify the root cause of your discomfort, prevent further reoccurrences and promote a happier you. 


Chiropractic is not limited by age! Anyone can have chiropractic care.

No matter your age, your health is the most valuable asset we have. We can assist with improving mobility and flexibility to keep you functioning at your best! Whether that might be to enjoy those morning walks, keep up with the grandkids or better their golf swing, our elderly members benefit remarkably from their chiropractic care.

Our approach is tailored to suit the needs of our patients and the techniques we utilise are safe, gentle and effective for patients with decreased bone density, arthritis and osteoporosis. Whilst the adjustment may look different, they are just as effective. Altering force and techniques used for each patient is what our Chiropractors are trained to do. 


No matter your age, our goal is to ensure healthy and correct spinal function to enable each individual to functional optimally.

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