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How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic works by helping to restore your own innate ability to heal itself. We aim to restore optimal function to the nervous system through adjusting and soft tissue therapy. As we know the nervous system is the master controller of our body, with our nerves and spinal cord being encased within the vertebral column (your spine). Each nerve exits at a different level in your spine, which innervates every cell, muscle, organ, gland in our body. When there is an interference within the body, this leads to a loss of normal motion in our joints that can irritate or impair the normal function of the nervous system.

There are 3 main stressors on the body which may result in suboptimal function:

Physical: excessive or repetitive actions, sedentary lifestyle, trauma.

Chemical: poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Emotional: including financial, relationship, mental stress.

After a thorough initial assessment, we will identify, treat and restore proper motion to the body through chiropractic adjustments. We utilise a variety of techniques, specifically designed to the individual. Gentle, safe, effective, low force techniques are administered to reduce pain and help the body heal and function optimally.

Maintaining a healthy nervous system is essential for overall health and wellbeing.

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